About Us

The Bio-agro Input Association of Indonesia (ABI) joins producers and distributers of alternative input products for sustainable agriculture (biocontrol agents, organic growth enhancers and adapted seeds).

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Our Products

Please find a wide range of organic agricultural products that are environmentally friendly, free of contamination. Organic products are products that are healthy and not damaging farmland and maintaining environmental balance.

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News & Events

Pekan Peramalan OPT Jatisari 2013

29-10-2013  |  14:40

Balai Peramalan OPT Tanaman Pangan mengadakan acara Pekan Peramalan Organisme Penganggu Tanaman

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The “ASEAN Biocontrol for Sustainable Agri-food Systems” Project

29-10-2013  |  14:38

The agri-food sector is of critical importance in both Southeast Asia and in our ever changing world.

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National Flora Flori Week (PF2N) Jogjakarta 2013

29-10-2013  |  14:35

Annual event held by the Directorate General of Horticulture Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia was held on October 2 to 7 2013.

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Special Interview with Mr. Utema Silan

29-10-2013  |  14:34

Mr. Utema has been working for the Dinas Pertanian Agricultural Service of North Sumatra, Indonesia since 1981.

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Special Interview with Dr. Amporn Winotai

29-10-2013  |  14:25

The Department of Agriculture (DOA) is the leading plant and agricultural machinery research and development agency.

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