bio agroinput At present, the public is becoming increasingly aware of healthy agricultural products, contaminant-free and environmentally friendly so the demand for products with green label products increased significantly. Realize there has been a breakdown of agricultural land caused by the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides excessive.

Business actors ( government, private, public ) initiated efforts to improve the environment including agricultural land, such as the use of bio agro inputs in the cultivation process as balancing environmental sustainability efforts especially land, water and biota and biodiversity.

ABI (Bio Agro Input Association of Indonesia) declared on March 26, 2008 by a producer of bio agro inputs and professional groups to form a community service organization that aims to increase the use of bio agro inputs in agriculture.

It was officially registered at the notary on January 5, 2009 and received support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation with " ASEAN Biocontrol Project for Sustainable Agri-food Systems" , project of ASEAN Secretariat and GIZ - German International Cooperation.