Greetings from the Chairman

Salam Sejahtera,

The Society increasingly concerned with agricultural products are healthy, free of contamination and thus the demand for environmentally friendly products with a green label products increased significantly . Various elements of the nation began to participate through the program back to nature with the use of agroinputs that are biological ( bio ) and organic, yet still have difficulties in the provision of production inputs and academic information.

In addition the use of bioagroinputs in the cultivation process is intended as an effort to counterbalance the environment, especially land, water and biota . All this to produce agricultural products, production factors are too burdened by excessive synthetic chemicals from the excessive use of fertilizers or pesticides either.

Increasing population, resulting in the need for food will increase, while agricultural land is getting smaller due to an increase in the rate of conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural land resources quality plus increasingly degraded the need for proper and strategic solutions.

In March of 2008 a group of professionals and entrepreneurs declare the establishment of a platform for businesses based pesticides and bio- fertilizers, academics and environmentalists with the name of the Association of Indonesia abbreviated Bio Agro Input ABI, together with the other elements of the nation to build a healthy society, resilient and environmentally sound, in January of 2009 Deed of Establishment was registered in Notary.

We hereby invite an individual or legal entity to be a member of the ABI for us together and coordinate with the aim to contribute as much as possible to promote the industry and bio - distribution of materials to support agro - input sustainable agricultural development ( sub sectors of food crops, horticulture, livestock, crops ), fisheries, forestry and other sectors.


Ir. Gunawan Sutio